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Antoni Guadi is one of Spain’s most celebrated architects. His work often goes beyond simple buildings, into the magical and incredible. He is responsible for some of the most fantastic structures in Spain, as well as all over the world, combining the growing modernist movement with traditional gothic elements to create the most unique buildings ever created. The Guadi Experience gives art lovers a special look into the life of Antoni Guadi, his work, and his methods. Curated by other architects and those who are experts on his life and his architecture, the Guadi Experience is the most interactive and comprehensive tribute to his genius.

The space itself is inspired by Guadi’s work, and from the moment you walk in, you will be entranced by the beauty of it all. As you explore the carefully designed exhibits, learning about his life, his work, and his death, you will see how his childhood, his early work with his father, and his partnership with other Modernists shaped his career as well as personal philosophy. You will also learn about his legacy, the projects was not able to finish and see incredible pictures and replicas of his buildings that have become World Heritage Sites.

The exhibit is not just about architecture. Guadi was also a designer, and created many unique pieces of furniture that reflect the magical quality of his buildings. From desks to lampposts, Guadi seems to have spent the majority of his time creating. The Guadi Experience has collected the blueprints of objects as well as many of the items he designed into one place for the public.

The Guadi Experience is unique not only because it pays tribute to one of the greatest architects of his time, but also because of its incredible interactive features. With access to information in nine languages, the touch screens that line the walls offer insight into his life as well as the ability to become the designer yourself. Children especially, with love the ability to interact with the exhibit, learning as they work their way through the interactive boards.

The final stop in the Guadi Experience is a 4D presentation, complete with moving seats and transforming scenes, this is truly the most incredible theater in Europe. You will be immersed into Guadi’s world, seeing things as he saw them, watching how commonplace, everyday things transformed in his mind into incredible feats of architecture. This is truly the first exhibit of its kind, that melds reality and fantasy to give visitors insight into a master.

More than an art museum, the Guadi Experience is perfect for all who share a love of the fantastic and the surreal. Not only was he a master of creating mystical, entrancing buildings, he saw the world differently from the common person of his time, all the while envisioning a future and fusing it with the past. Guadi truly was one of the most talented artists of his day, and the Guadi Experience is the best way to appreciate his work. The technology and interactive displays reflect his forward-thinking attitude and make learning about his architecture, design, and life great for the whole family.