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Including the largest collection of Mediterranean fish and sea creatures, the L’Aquarium Barcelona features hundreds and hundreds of different species from all around the world, making it one of the best aquariums in Europe. With so many different attractions without the aquarium itself, it can be difficult to fit them all in one day, but kids and parents alike will love returning again and again to discover all that L’Aquarium Barcelona holds.

One of the largest and most popular attraction inside the aquarium is called the Oceanarium, an eighty metre tunnel through the aquarium’s massive collection of Mediterranean sea life. Walking from one end to the other, you will feel as though you are immersed in the ocean, looking up at the incredible creatures that inhabit the warm waters of the Mediterranean, from sharks to colorful tropical fish, to sting rays, to eels. The Oceanarium also acts as an educational tool, with information about all of the species you see as you traverse the tunnel.

Besides the Oceanarium, the L’Aquarium Barcelona has fourteen other individual aquariums, including many more Mediterranean species, where vistas from the sea are recreated to give the creatures a natural habit and visitors a unique experience. Each “community” as they are called, features a differing ecosystem and the species that call that area their home. From anemones to coral reefs to algae, these fourteen communities strive to give visitors real insight into what goes on beneath the waves.

The tropical aquariums are often the favorite of children, where they can see schools of multi-colored fish swim and mingle with the bright coral reefs. There are seven total tropical aquariums, including one dedicated just to the sharks that inhabit tropical climates. Others consist of recreations of the Great Barrier Reef, the Red Sea, and the Caribbean Sea. There is even an entire tank full of just poisonous fish species.

The other themed aquariums, from sea horses to shark eggs, give visitors the opportunity to see some of the least-known and strangest creatures that live under the sea. The shark eggs exhibit is especially intriguing, as visitors can see not only the eggs of the catshark, as they hang on to marine plants, but newborn sharks as well, learning to swim on the floor of the tank. A favorite of many visitors is the “Fantastic Creatures under the Sea” aquarium, which includes some of the strangest marine species known to man.

Along with the aquariums, L’Aquarium Barcelona boasts a number of other exhibits, including one housing a number of Humboldt penguins. They can be seen playing on the ice or swimming and hunting under the water. The World of Darkness exhibit gives a glimpse of the creatures that live in the coldest, darkest portions of the ocean.

Among all of their fantastic exhibits, the crown jewel in the L’Aquarium Barcelona crown is the shark experience. Not only do they give scuba certified divers the chance to swim with sharks, unexperienced divers can not only learn the basics of scuba diving, but also get up close and personal with sharks in the safety of a dive cage. Last, but not least, L’Aquarium Barcelona offers a special package, which allows you, your children, and their friends to sleep in aquarium, learning about the wildlife and having fun at the same time!