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The Casa Milà (also known as La Pedrera) is a marvel of both art and architecture. Its famous facade is carved from plain brown stone, but its wavy, undulating surface gives it a soft, quasi-organic feel – as if it were a living creature.

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Tickets & Prices

There are four types of tickets for Casa Milà: Adults, pensioners, students, and children, which go from most to least expensive respectively. Children up to age 6 have free access. Additionally, there are also tickets for a night tour available.

The night tour is a more intimate proposition, showing off the secrets of the Casa Milà, from the private lives of one-time residents, to the behind-the-scenes work of the servants who kept the building running during those times.

Your guide will take you through the building and tell you stories of those who once lived there. The tour finishes on the roof, where you’ll get to enjoy a great view of Barcelona’s skyline at night, an audiovisual show with music and projections, and a glass of Cava to top it all off.

What to see and do

The Casa Milà is a treasure of Catalan modernism. If you enjoy beautiful architecture you can’t miss it.

The Patios

The Casa Milà has two inner patios that act as light wells, letting natural light flow in from the roof all the way down to the ground floor.
The inner walls of both are covered in windows to brighten the apartments that occupy the building’s multiple floors.
Near the ground level, the walls are decorated with oil paintings depicting mythological motifs and images drawn from the natural world, as well as elements of Gaudí’s famous style of iron-work.

The Rooftop

The roof is said to be Casa Milà’s most spectacular feature. The entire thing is stepped, being distributed unevenly across multiple levels, and decorated with twenty-eight chimneys, sculpted in Gaudí’s characteristic style, as well as multiple skylights and staircases emerging at different locations. The view is also spectacular, especially if you visit at night.

The Attic

Take your time in the attic, and admire the curved, flowing brick arches and the details on the ceiling.
There’s also an exhibit that looks into the design and construction of the building, and Gaudí’s life and work as a architect.

The Main Floor

La Pedrera was meant to be an apartment building but also a residence for its owners, the Milà family.
The main floor of the building is taken up by a single, large apartment, measuring an enormous 1300 square meters.
Today the main floor is used as a space for temporary exhibits, make sure to stop here if you can.

Did you know: (Three interesting facts!)

  • Did you know that even today, there are people living in the building? There are currently 4 apartments still occupied by private residents, as well as a few rented as offices.
  • Gaudí wanted the building’s residents to interact and get to know each other, so he only installed elevators on alternating floors to create more meeting opportunities.
  • The building’s nickname, La Pedrera, which means the quarry, was actually used derisively when it was first built. People were unaccustomed to its unorthodox style.


Map & Address (Location)

  • Casa Milà (La Pedrera)
  • Address: Provença, 261-265, 08008 Barcelona
  • GPS coördinates:
    41°23' 43" N 2°9' 43" E