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Playing home to the Futbol Club Barcelona since 1957, this stadium is the largest in Europe and has hosted several important sporting events, including the football portion of the 1992 Olympics. The stadium itself has been expanded from the original 93,000 seats to accommodate up to 100,000 fans, as well as a number of other attractions that make it a great destination for any football fan. Besides the ability to see your favorite clubs face off in championship games (as Camp Nou is often a favorite spot for these games), the stadium is outfitted with a number of other attractions, making it a unique place to visit even if you don’t have time to watch a match.

The stadium features an interactive, self-guided tour, called The Camp Nou Experience, which gives visitors incredible access to the most intimate parts of the stadium, starting from the dugouts, to the player’s tunnels, to the stadium’s own football museum. On this tour, you will have the unique opportunity to see the parts of the stadium that are usually closed to the public and that few fans get to experience. Not only will you get to see where the away team changes, you can walk through the tunnels onto the field, sit in the player dugouts, and even sit in the player’s seats. As an added bonus, you can sit at the FBC’s own press table and pretend to answer questions just like the players would after the game.

The Futbol Club Barcelona Museum is a sort of pilgrimage site for football fans around the world. It is definitely the most popular and one of the most comprehensive collections of trophies and football memorabilia in the world. Along with this collection, the museum features a huge audio-visual component, with interactive screens showing player statistics and biographies, as well as entire walls of screens displaying some of the most iconic games in the club’s long history. The museum even features the ability to take a virtual picture with a player, cropping your picture into the player’s for an unforgettable keepsake. Whether you are a fan of Barcelona’s club or not, you will not be able to deny that this museum is an incredible tribute to the players and to the game of football.

The technology is what makes this museum unique, but the memorabilia, trophies, and nostalgia held there are what make it a must-see. Combined with the magic of the stadium tour, the ability to run through the tunnels and stand on the expansive field, the Camp Nou Experience is great for football lovers of all ages. No other stadium in the world gives its visitors such an in depth and extensive peek into the world behind the field. It is not just a tour, it is an experience, and a great one for anyone who has ever wondered what it would be like to be a football player. This unique tour gives you’re the opportunity to see what the players see and understand why FCB is “more than a club.”