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No matter what time of the year you visit Barcelona, be sure to include a trip to the Barcelona Zoo. Not only is it open year round, the warm weather means that the animals are active throughout the year. Dating back to the end of the 19th century, it is one of the oldest conservation zoos in the world. Not just a gathering of animals, this zoo strives to provide a unique glimpse into the natural habitats and lives of the animals of our world. From the very early days, many of the animals were given as gifts by leaders of their native countries, so that the people of Spain could both learn about and enjoy the majesty of the animals.

The zoo has many different sections, featuring different kinds of animals from all over the world as well as a number of different activities designed for visitors to learn about the animals, their habitats, and what conservations efforts are being undertaken in order to preserve these species for the next generation.

One of the best exhibits in the Barcelona Zoo is the Komodo dragon exhibit, which houses many of these large lizards with their natural vegetation. One of the innovations created by the zoo is a distinctive habitat design that both shields animals from each other, but looks natural and provides great viewing areas for zoo visitors. The Komodo exhibit specifically has more than 140 metres of habitat, showing the dragons in all different kinds of situations, to the caves where they live to views of the water where they swim.

The reptile house presents the most comprehensive collection of reptiles in all of Europe and it is one of the must-see areas. Aside from the typical lizards and snakes, the Barcelona Zoo features poison dart frogs, crocodiles, and even a giant snake enclosure. There is also a special exhibit where the eggs and babies that are laid and born at the zoo are kept until they are old enough to join the other exhibits. At the end of the house, a huge Siamese crocodile lurks under a bridge, who you can see when he pokes he head out of the water from time to time.

In addition to the animal habitats, the zoo has a number of shows, that are both entertaining and education. Almost every day, trainers have a show both with sea lions and a second show with dolphins. Both shows are available in Catalan and the dolphin show is also performed in Spanish. Both of these are a great way to get to know these intelligent animals.

If you want an even more interactive experience, you can even schedule a private party in the zoo, getting to know the animals in a private setting, with a trainer who can show you how to hold and interact with the different animals. On Sundays, the zoo has a special program called “The Secrets of the Zoo,” where your group and a zoo educator tour the zoo, learn the names of the animals and visit the more secluded parts of the zoo. Whatever time of the year you decide to visit, the Barcelona Zoo is not only a great zoo, it has fun activities and a unique appreciation for the animals of our world.